We strive for every employee to return home as safely as they arrived to work. Our employees know that at SH&E, safety starts with each employee and that the responsibility for results goes all the way to the top of our organization.For that reason, it’s our daily mission to get everyone:

Safely Home Everyday

​Award Winning Safety Culture

Consecutive year recipient of the Northeast Subcontractor Gold Safety Award and the back to back winners of National Electrical Contractor Safety excellence award.

​Safety        QUALITY      PRODUCTION

Successful projects don’t mean a whole lot to people if they are injured in the process. Successful projects must include quality work done on time in a safe manner. Anything short of these ideals simply won’t do.

Safety Training

Employee engagement and understanding are the real indicators of safety. SH&E has built a safety culture where all of our safety personnel go through periodic outside safety seminars and training classes to ensure our safety leaders are exposed to other viewpoints, and to other safety philosophies and methods. We never want to stop our safety evolution. SH&E employees are at a minimum has OSHA 10 awareness training.  


We are aligned with some of the construction industry leading safety organizations and regulatory establishments that provide the necessary resources to promote the safety culture we strive for at SH&E.